Daily Commitment Hour: Day 2 – What is Your Commitment?

I got inspired to create the Daily Commitment Hour, mostly because I wanted to get myself to sit down for an hour everyday and just start writing my novel. Something which I have always wanted to do since years ago. I have so many stories and ideas in my head just waiting to be penned down!

However, I realized that the Daily Commitment Hour can be applied to all sorts of things.

I have thus decided to focus my Daily Commitment Hour to 2 activities. The first being Writing/Blogging and the other being Yoga.  I intend to alternate them. For instance, Monday (Writing/Blogging), Tuesday (Yoga) and so on.

On days when I have lots of free time, I might even consider working on both. An hour devoted to writing and another to yoga practice.

As a person who likes variety, this prevents me from getting bored with only doing one activity every day. But there will still be some form of habit and schedule put in place, and I will still be accountable for my actions.

If you can focus on learning and mastering one activity, that would be really great. But if like me, you need change, or you are simply interested in many things, go ahead and have a variety of Daily Commitment Hour.

Share with me what are your different chosen Daily Commitment Hour  activities, if you have more than one, in the comments below.

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Stay Hungry Stay Foolish!


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