Daily Commitment Hour: Day 1 – Fixed Commitment Hour and Action Plan

We all have heard about that quote by Benjamin Franklin: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

So it’s important to start your Daily Commitment Hour with a Fixed Commitment Hour some form of Action Plan.

Fixed Commitment Hour

This simply means to selected the most conducive hour to partake in your Daily Hour Commitment.

I am a night owl. So I am going to fix my Daily Commitment Hour as the last thing I do before going to bed every night.

Some of you are morning people, and you can add your Daily Commitment Hour as part of your daily routine, making it the first thing you do in the morning. For those who are intending to write on a regular basis like me, this would be similar to Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages; where she suggest writing 3 pages about anything that comes to mind first thing in the morning.

Others might want to schedule their Daily Commitment Hour during lunch break, learning a new language on YouTube or Duolingo app while having a meal.

It doesn’t matter what time of the day you fix your Daily Commitment Hour. What’s important is to stick to that Fixed Commitment Hour, thus making it a habit. But of course, life can be unpredictable, so feel free to shift things around and to find out what works best for you.

Action Plan

I like to keep things simple. My plan for the hour goes something like this:

  1. Set my timer for 1 Hour.
  2. Take start picture for Instagram. Go live on Instagram.
  3. 5 mins to plan what to write for the day / future ideas.
  4. 40 mins to write
  5. 15 mins to do a quick edit.
  6. Take end picture for Instagram.
  7. Go offline when timer ends.
  8. Upload end picture on Instagram.

You can use more than one timer to keep track of your Action Plan.

Remember being accountable to your Daily Commitment Hour is really important. It tracks your progress and forms a habit. You also reach out to others in the progress, and this can really motivate you to keep going every single day. Also by sharing, you encourage more people to join in, and perhaps you can find some friends to engage in the Daily Commitment Hour with you (just try not to get distracted in the process).

I would recommend sticking strictly to the 1 Hour. This to prevent a situation where you tell yourself that the activity is too time consuming and giving up altogether. The aim here is to focus 110% and gain the most in the hour. That said, if you have extra time and really want to extend the activity now that you are in the ‘Flow state‘, feel free too, but no discounts the following day alright?! 😉

Share your progress on Instagram using the Hashtag #dailycommitmenthour

Follow me on Instagram @dailycommitmenthour

Feel free to comment below.

Stay committed!


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