Daily Commitment Hour: Day 3 – Hectic Schedule and Daily Commute 

Hi there readers!

Today is one of those hectic days that would seem really difficult to slot in a Daily Commitment Hour. I have so many errands to do. And then I realised that sometimes we just have to think outside the box.

By that I mean you can be creative about where and when you take part in your Daily Commitment Hour. Today as I was staring blankly into space while travelling on public transport, I decided that I could have been using this time to blog or write. I immediately downloaded the WordPress app and started typing this blog post. For my novel, I can simply upload my writing or ideas onto Google Drive.

Technology is your best friend when it comes to the Daily Commitment Hour.

Of course this is only limited to activities that don’t require a private space. It would be hilarious to work on my yoga vinyasa poses while on the bus, not to mention dangerous. However, instead of literally practicing yoga, I could learn more about the history of yoga or to read up on the poses.

But for my dear readers who are also trying to get into the habit of writing daily and spend a decent amount of time travelling to and from work, this could be a viable option.

If you’re learning a language or even trying to practice doodling everyday, taking part in the Daily Commitment Hour is possible too. All you need is your phone or a notepad to do so. But please remember that your safety comes first. Wouldn’t want any of you to get into an accident.

Besides engaging in your hour on the public transport, you can try doing so during lunch breaks, but remember not to skip meals 😀

To end off, I noticed that the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is approaching in November. While I’m not going to wait until November to start writing my novel, the main objective of this writing month is to commit to writing 50,000 words in 30 days! I’ve never written anything so lengthy before. But starting today, I will add my word count at the end of every blog post, so readers can follow my progress. Do cheer me along!

Today’s novel word count is 679!

Thank you for reading and feel free to comment below.

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Stay committed 😀


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