Daily Commitment Hour: Day 6 – What is Your Commitment and Level 10 goals

Good day readers,

How has it been with your Daily Commitment Hour? I hope you have been doing well. Writing is getting easier for me even though it has only been a week. The last time I wrote this much was when I was back in University, rushing out essays. I love this feeling of writing daily.

The other day, I was speaking to my friend about the Daily Commitment Hour. While she thought writing was fun, she wasn’t interested in doing it everyday. We ended up brainstorming a few activities that she could take part in.

I then recalled the Level 10 life and Level 10 goals. These concept was introduced by Hal Elrod of The Miracle Morning. She suggest that there are 10 areas in our lives that we should measure our success/ satisfaction. Readers who are unsure of their Daily Commitment Hour can use this tool to pick some areas which are really lacking and introduce some activity to help it get better.

These 10 areas and some suggestion of activities are as follows:

  1. Family and Friends
    Activities can involve family and friends. Like calling them and keeping in touch. Going to the park or working together towards a common Daily Commitment Hour.
  2. Personal Development
    Go for night classes, read self-help books or sign up for some online learning courses with Coursera.
  3. Spirituality
    Practice meditation or mindfulness or take part in religious activities.
  4. Finances
    Read about investing. Start a small business to work towards passive income and financial freedom.
  5. Career
    If you are really passionate about your job, you could devote your Daily Commitment Hour to getting better at it.
  6. Marriage/Love
    Spend quality time with your partner. Give an hour a week to go on dates and be young again.
  7. Fun and recreation
    If you haven’t been letting go and have fun, set aside sometime to do this. Go on short trips. Pamper yourself with a massage and lots of self-love. Create art pieces.
  8. Giving and Contribution
    Volunteer for a non-profit organisation. Feed stray cats. I think this is a very meaningful Daily Commitment Hour to adopt. To give an hour to help make society a better place.
  9. Physical Environment
    For those who have been delaying cleaning, perhaps an hour a week can be used to tidy your home. Or perhaps you love redecorating and would like to engage in some D-I-Y crafts to beautify your home. Being organised will definitely help you become more productive.
  10. Health and Fitness
    For me, this means going to the gym and taking part in classes. Usually Yoga. Are you looking to fit into your wedding gown? There are so many activities in this domain that can be chosen for your Daily Commitment Hour.

I hope that using the Level 10 life and Level 10 goals can help you to find one or a few Daily Commitment Hour activities to take part in. Create a simple schedule and remember to stick to it 😀

My novel’s current word count is 2949.

Thank you for reading and feel free to comment below.

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Stay Passionate. 😀

Feature image taken from bohoberry.com


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