Daily Commitment Hour.

Inspired by the “10,000 hour rule” and the concept of “Deliberate Practice”, this blog is all helping people commit to a daily practice of one hour to get good at something.

I created this blog and project because I have always wanted to write a book. However, I was always coming up with excuses. I blame it on procrastination, analysis paralysis or busy schedules and never ever got down to writing that book.

Hence, this blog was created to help myself and others who are facing the same issue. Whether like me, you wanted to publish a book, or you want to get better at drawing or learn a new language, or even to form a new habit of exercising everyday, this blog is here to help you.

The idea here is simple.

Step 1: Set a timer for 1 hour.

Step 2:  Set up your accountability mechanism. What this means is to record yourself. Hold yourself accountable to this Daily Hour Commitment. Maybe you can take a picture at the beginning and at the end, then upload the time-stamped image to Facebook. Perhaps you could Tweet a message at the start and again at the end of the activity so your followers know you are doing it. Or you even go Live on Instagram. The key here is to broadcast your ambitions on Social Media or at least let your friends and family know that you are embarking on this journey and you need their support to stay committed.

Step 3: Shut up and do it. Start working on that book, exercise, paint, devote yourself fully for that 1 short hour! Focus! Focus! Focus!

Step 4: Stop only when the timer ends. When you take breaks, such as going to the toilet, pause the timer and resume only when you return. Remember, it is only one hour and it will pass really soon, so make full use of it. No distractions!

Come join me on this adventure and start your Daily Commitment Hour!